Visual message


The motto of Children and Youth Year of Culture “Me too!” and keywords independence and collaboration invite children and youngsters to participate in culture as well as to create experiences themselves.

The visual of Children and Youth Year of Culture 2017 is colourful, vibrant and volatile. Minaka (from Estonian “mina ka” meaning “me too”) is the culture-loving mascot of Children and Youth Year of Culture 2017 who will be participating in the events together with the children. All minakas are different, fun and creative creatures – just like children and youngsters themselves. The visual identity of the theme year has been created by designers Martin Veisman and Valter Jakovski from studio Ruum 414, whereas the motto “Me too!” was proposed by Kristo Kooskora and Liina Lõõbas. All video montage is done by Liisa and Henno Luts from agency Mellow.

Design Studio Ruum 414 is embodied by Martin Veisman and Valter Jakovski, who have recently worked on the rebranding of the Ugala Theatre, developing visuals for film festivals HÖFF (2015, 2016) and PÖFF (2016) and designs for festival Tallinn Bicycle Week. Their contact with events directed at a younger audience has mainly come through constant work with the Sports and Youth Department of the City of Tallinn, and through design work for festival Just Film 2016.

“The visual concept of Children and Youth Year of Culture 2017 turned out to be an exciting challenge. We were looking for a playful and visual solution that would speak to children, youngsters and grownups alike. As a result of discussions and testing we decided for colourful characters made of abstract shapes, the so-called minakas, who are all different and distinct, the same way as people are. The result is a positive and fun visual that can be seen all through year 2017.” Read more here.
Martin Veisman – Ruum 414

NB! The design of the theme year recieved the prestigious Golden Egg in the category of desing/corporate graphics at the annual The Annual Estonian Advertising Festival “Golden Egg”! Read more about the award here and see all the finalists of the competition here.

For finding a motto for the theme year, a public competition was organised in the autumn of 2016. The winners Kristo Kooskora and Liina Lõõbas submitted the phrase “Mina ka!” (translates into “Me too!”)

Kristo Kooskora and Liina Lõõbas have both graduated Tartu Art School and the Estonian Academy of Arts. In addition to their speciality – architecture for Kristo and jewellery for Liina – they are brought together by a passion for design. The authors believe that a good result always begins with a good idea. “We didn’t take long to come up with the motto for the theme year. I suppose it all goes back to our own childhood and the cartoons we watched,” says Kristo Kooskora.

In the video animation of the Children and Youth Year of Culture, the fun and cool minakas are excited about the upcoming cultural events. The animation is done by Liisa Luts and Henno Luts from agency Mellow, the sound has been created by Ago Niglas and voiced by Tobias, Mirtel, Otto, Aksel and Anette.