Children and Youth YEAR OF Culture 2017

In Estonia, 2017 is the Children and Youth Year of Culture, when we emphasize the value of children and youngsters as creators and an audience. The motto of the theme year is “Me too!”
Children and Youth Year of Culture is organised at the initiative of the Estonian Ministry of Culture, and its implementation is coordinated by the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre.

The motto “Me too!” and keywords independence and collaboration invite children and youngsters to participate in culture as well as to create experiences themselves. The theme year addresses also adults, inviting them to contemplate and appreciate children and young people as both creators and an audience. Supporting and encouraging children helps us ensure a continuous and abundant cultural life for the coming generations.

Photo: Hele-Mai Alamaa

Children and Youth Year of Culture is a spectacular opportunity, as well as a task of great responsibility, to set the focus of our cultural life to the younger generation. It is paramount to talk to our future creators and audience about values, versatility, continuity and responsibility. And not only to talk; it is equally important to act and create together with them.
The year brings together various areas of culture, and consists of a wide variety of activities. It will be an exciting year for everybody, adults included. Significant events include the XII Youth Song and Dance Celebration “I will stay” and the experience tour Children’s Republic dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia; likewise, smaller communal activities and cooperation projects will also take place.

An idea competition, “50 ideas!”, for event ideas for the theme year is open until May 1, 2017. The goal of the competition is to use various initiatives and events to make the cultural life of children and the youth even more diverse and exciting. Everyone – be a family or a team of friends, community or an institution – is welcome to submit their ideas to the competition. Nevertheless, projects where children or youngsters are authors or co-authors or implementers of ideas, are preferred. Read more here.

To ensure that all culture enthusiasts have a good overview of the fascinating events, information on all the upcoming events will be compiled to the culture calendar on the website of the theme year. Everyone organising events aimed at children and youngsters all over Estonia can post relevant information to the calendar through the kultuur.info web site.
Wishing wonderful culture experiences both to the young as well as the grown participants of Children and Youth Year of Culture!