Education programme

Year of Experience

Year of Experience is a series of meetings that takes creative people to schools to talk about experiences that have shaped and influenced their personal identity – whether this experience is related to art or anything else in life.

During their visits, the inspirational role models share their personal stories of situations that considerably influenced their life and that formed them into the people that we know and value them as. They speak of finding the paths that have made their lives fascinating and creative.

There are always two people talking to the students at each session, whereas they represent different fields of the creative spectrum. The leitmotif of these performances is the importance of creativity and its meaning in life. This gives the performers an excellent opportunity to think outside their own field and to connect various forms of art.
The aim of the series is to enrich the school curricula both with subjects as well as with speakers. Many schools have added the Year of Experience meetings to their programme and sharing experiences has become a natural tradition.

In the broadest sense, there is always something to learn from sharing experiences. Experiences enable us to recognise the opportunities of living. Life is not all about successes, but often the exact opposite of that – doubts, mistakes, not knowing one’s way, finding difficulty in dealing with something, insecurities. And so the programme digs to the opportunities and roots of being human through all kinds of stories – beautiful, funny, sad, unbelievable, exciting, thought-provoking, but always personal.

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