Children’s Republic is a series of events dedicated to the centenary of the Republic of Estonia. It is targeted to children up to 12 years of age and their families. The goal of the Children’s Republic is the introduction and promotion of culture in an attractive form.
The aim of the tour is to reach a large number of children and to take the celebration of the centenary of Estonia to their homes. From May to September, the Children’s Republic aims to reach all counties in Estonia, stopping everywhere for a day. Participating in the activities of the Children’s Republic is for free.
The caravan of the Children’s Republic drives through Estonia and opens at a different location every day, stopping both in towns and villages.

The three activity areas:

SHOW AREA, for viewing, listening and becoming engrossed in performance
The caravan of the Children’s Republic opens into an outdoor stage where the opening and closing performances take place. The opening performance has been written by Kätlin Vainola, and staged by Taavi Tõnisson. The protagonists of the story are one-hundred-year-old ladies Hulda and Gulda, who own a jumble shop and are starting to prepare for the centenary of the Republic of Estonia. A funny story arises through the objects on sale and the preparation of a birthday cake, telling us about Estonia, but more importantly of us people in general, as Estonians – of our lives and activities and of what we value and hold dear.
Local children take care of the cultural programme at the show area on the second half of the day.
PLAY AREA, for getting involved in the adventure, playing and discovering
A play area, or a labyrinth town, will be put up separately nearby. This is the area for discovering a different world – to take a peek under the ground of Estonia and to the sea floor, to glance at the sky and look at the nature, listen to the sounds of Estonia, discover things known and new. The artists at the Children’s Republic create the play area in cooperation with partners from adventure centres, museums, libraries and theatres that offer kids activities daily.

WORKSHOP AREA, for creating, inventing and doing handicrafts
Workshops are carried out by masters in different fields. Many creative people get involved as well as experts from organisations dedicated to children’s culture and events, such as museums, adventure centres, libraries and theatres. This means that the subjects in the workshops vary. If the weather allows, the workshops will take place outdoors, if not, indoors at a local civic centre, culture centre, school or other such local venue.
The partner of the Children’s Republic in each county is the local county curator who helps to organise the tour and the programme at the location. For carrying out the adventure tour, the Children’s Republic organisation team also involves young local volunteers.